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i have been giving some thought about how mr elon musk was supposedly trying to buy twitter but then he had some doubts about how many "bots" there are on the site..

i think that i know how you would go about measuring or counting the bots...

you could start with an account like this "jeff tiedrich" and then look at his subscribers...

i would bet that most of his subscribers are the typical accounts that do nothing but to go around and stir up arguments and insult trump, etc.

you could write a chrome extension that would read all of his subscribers and then read a list of all of those subscriber's subscribers, etc, and just keep going..

there would be some manual massaging that would need to be done, but you would end up with a list of all of the shit starters and then everything else could perhaps be considered to be accounts that are "not" bots.

digital shower thoughts.