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this is a conspiracy of people that simply want to create chaos.

many times you will fiind that you dont really know who these people are and they are simply not who you think they are.

i am pretty sure that there are entire companies operating that have networks of shills that do this stuff.

and then you get some dumbasses that somehow think their agenda is cool and they join in the shitstorm.

you will find that these networks operate out of russia and china and saudi and pakistan, for example.

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Why does it have to be a conspiracy? Do you really give your fellow humans so much credit for not being this stupid that it's organic?

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I'm kinda with that guy. There's so much of the idpol environment that is inorganic and it's so divisive to communities that otherwise would have coherent voices and views. This shit is alienating to just about anyone who questions it, and it's tearing the gay world a new one.

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