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i am doing my best shot at forex trading... i have been working on programming an algo bot for eighteen years and maybe i am finished now.. i have turned $250 into $2400 in about three months.. i am hoping to get that up to $2800 or more this week.

just fyi, trading aint the business of charity... aint nobody gonna hand it to you on a platter.

asking for help like that just makes you look lame and stupid.

good luck.

i hope you lose everything.

not really, but you probably will.

fukkn fruitcakes.

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How did you do it? Do you have an online portfolio?

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hard work.

no, i dont have an online portfolio.

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Hard work? I’m not sure say trading is hard work.

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many people think that software development is not hard work, but it can be quite mentally straining.

i began writing code in 1983 in the language of Atari basic on an atari 400.

about six months later, i dabbled in assembler language on the atari, and i have written assembler on a few different platforms including the pic chips from

in 1991, i got my first c language compiler, the microsoft quickc for dos, which is very similar to the borland turboc for dos which is the video that i show below.

writing code can be very hard mental work, especially when you focus on a project full time for eighteen years.

i am a severely deranged c language programmer.

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You would not trade your job now for a labor job. A labor job is hard work.

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i have done very hard work before.. when i was about eighteen, i worked in the pipeyards in morgan city louisiana, and that work is very hard and very dangerous.

about twenty years ago, i worked eight to twelve hour days in glazers liquor warehouse throwing cases of liquor onto pallets, etc... definitely a hard day's work.

i dont think this video is of glazer's warehouse, but it is very similar.

btw, my interest in trading is not to be a trader but instead it is my interest to wrap software around the trading equation.

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I never said you haven’t worked hard.

I said, “there is no way you would switch jobs, from programmer to laborer.”

Even if you made more money, like 10k+, you would not switch.

I am pretty interested in trading. The software aspect is cool too.

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