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It seems like every progressive reddit cunt enjoys the most degrading and depraved sexual acts that completely contradict their political beliefs.

No, you just don't realise or don't want to believe, that what a female says, doesn't mean shit. 100% of progressive reddit feminists who say they would like short guy, who are all about feminism, who say they like men feminists, who say they like shy guys in reality fuck guys who are attractive and who degradate them as much as possible. Always look on behaviour, never on what they say.

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Many of the bdsm women on Reddit are actually being held prisoner tortured so take that into consideration

if you should want to see some of the more depraved bdsm stuff, go to and search for things like bdsm.. you will see people that are being held captive prisoner and are literally being tortured for the rest of their miserable lives.

i know, it sucks, right?

but the weird thing is that nobody gives a shit.

it could be your sister that went missing.. and nobody cares.