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All this is true, but it's also true that we don't have the luxury of infinite time to elaborate extensively in descriptive detail about common problems and traits. Stereotypes and generalized labels serve a purpose, pejorative, accurate, or not. Shorthand is handy among the sheeple as well as the conspirophile analysts, old and new.

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I agree. Which is why I don't argue with others, no one wants to sit there listen to someone ramble off numbers. However, this has affected all of our lives. To me it's stranger to turn a blind eye to the thing that has tanked the economy and cost most people their homes.

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Arguing or planting seeds? Plant seeds! Print out an article lay it in your friends house, do things that nudge them to question their belief system in ways in which they do not feel threatened that their world view is being attacked making them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.


We have the Psychosohere of insanity in nearly every home of the US. Persons have the time to sit down and watch state, corporate and Zionist broadcasted propaganda 4hrs every other day, and yet they cannot hear out another human being with a different opinion.

Trump said the media is the enemy of the people. He didn't mean it. He meant CNN and MSNBC. Trump says Fox and Friends is great, same with Newsy.

Trump has brought back media credibility on a monstrously partisan basis. Of course, all deliberate in its following of the cognitive infiltration thesis of Cass Sunstein.

The problem is the state and all of media is corrupt. It broadcasts PsyOps and propaganda every hour of the day.

The problem is the monopolization of the screen. It always has been.

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The problem is the trees AND the forest and no one can see them because they've been in lockdown before Lockdown.

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