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Non-Murican input:

In 2012, when the inauguration of Obama just happend I was stoned of my socks with a semi-friend and he insisted we watched 'the apprentice', I said:

This, this dude, mister, lol fatso, he... he... OH MY GOEBBLES HE! He should be president, HE is like how we see america. Obama is too smooth and too lightskinned to be a NWORD, he is fake But this dude, WHAT!? DONALD??? DONALD IS HIS NAME? Damn, he should be president so everyone knows what we think is how it is. FUGGGGG Fired, what? Why does he say it like that? is this exciting because I AM DYING."

We laughed that night, things went sour, but when I heard AMORASO GOT FIRED BUT NOT BY THE DON. I knew WOIII was comming and prophecies later than 2050 wouldn't matter.

Now, now I don't want to think about it too much because I have this nagging feeling that my masturbation session that evening might have chaos magicked the whole world up.

  • BUT HA! I COULDN'T EVEN VOTE BUT MY DEAD BABIES CAUSED IT << great excuse when you don't want to recognize the system is ffd.

  • Yeah so, not blaming anyone, just my millions of dead semen

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Damnit man you write in drunk code, now I have to get drunk to understand it.

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Yeah man that's a legit plan. It reminds me of the strategy "never vote incumbent".

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What that?

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Here it is, this is where I picked it up from. It's a strategy that assumed all politicians are or will be corrupted, so you just send newbies in always.

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lmao, fuckin hard to keep up with trolls, even my own self.