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There is no agenda here. No one here is trying to get your money, sway your opinion, manipulate your future purchases, censor your words, or gather statistical data. That's enough for me.

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it is all funded by community, meaning it is made by community for community. thats the best reason tbh for me.

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There's lots of reasons someone might use saidit. For example:

  1. They don't like reddit but also don't like voat

  2. They want another forum to look at with news and ideas they might not see elsewhere

  3. A place to go when reddit eventually forces the redesign and gets rid of the old layout

  4. Site admins aren't owned by big money interests, instead it's community funded and is very cost-streamlined for longevity

  5. Each sub has an automatic IRC live chat window, specific to that sub

  6. The major subs are not compromised by biased moderators as they often are on reddit

  7. Instead of up/down vote there are two ways to upvote: Insightful and Funny. Then you can sort by funny or insightful, which allows the funny content to be separated out if you want to look at serious content or vice-versa. Reddit blends these two together without distinguishing

  8. Hosted on medium-size business local servers, not Amazon servers. This provides more privacy and security.

  9. Email address is not required to create an account, unlike reddit.

So there's 9 reasons off the top of my head. Some people may not agree with some of them and that's fine, but I see these as being the major reasons saidit is worthwhile.

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It's pretty awesome, fuckin' lemonade!