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Things are going to get crazy in China...


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I can't tell if they are, or if we're just getting some cherry-picked "worst of the worst from china" news and the actual real terrible stuff is only affecting a limited few. I honestly can't tell if this is building to some revolution, or if most people are being taken care of and it's just the few that slip through the cracks that are being over-focused on by western media in order to destabilize the CCP

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This one doesn't appear to be a PsyOp.

They papered over Evergrand, but they won't be able to contain the catastrophe when their housing and infrastructure bubbles collapse.

The public is waking up to the food hoarding of lower ranking officials.
They have begun showing up at their homes.

I don't think the Chinese pubic are as restrained as we're led to believe.

Mandates from heaven can be ugly.