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Aren't you helping Reddit by getting them more ad revenue? And PewDiePie too? How does this hurt them? But yes, fuck JewSA.

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It hurts their profiling algorithms a but, but not much since they filter bit clicks anyway and op is wasting their time.

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?? I really shouldn't ask…

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Lol just taking a jab at the USA for being Jew owned and operated. Good old Jewnited States of Weimerica.

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I feel like arguing against this will validate the flawed premise, so I'll instead argue against that premise.

"Jews" aren't a homogeneous group, let alone a manipulative cult operating on a global scale that single-handedly controls the US. If you want change, start by paying attention to the people who are actually in charge, and not a semi-fictional centuries-old scapegoat.

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Jewish people hold a massively disproportionate amount of political positions, major corporate leadership/ownership positions, and even moreso with media companies. They are supposedly 1.8% of the population yet manage to be represented by many multiples in the aforementioned institutions. That's not an insult, by the way. It's a compliment to their intelligence and persistence, regardless of how much nepotism is involved. They manage to allocate the highest per capita foreign assistance to any country in the world, to Israel; and manage to get more military equipment than any country in the world, to Israel. They managed to get laws against BDS against Israel, and are successfully pursuing laws against the vague concept of anti-Semitism. No other group has that much pull in our country.

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No other group has that much pull in our country.

Depends how you define "group". And I assume "our country" is the US. With that context:

Just because there are many Jewish elites doesn't mean that Jews are the elites, or that the elites are Jewish. It sounds like you're cross with the elite in general for… supporting Israel? (Am I reading that right?) That's something that can be done by people who aren't of Jewish heritage, you know.

Plus, many other people under the label of "Jew" are completely unrelated to this. Many are living in abject poverty, no doubt, and are being harmed by these same rules that you assume are helping "Jews". It's not a homogeneous group.

Who are you really upset with? Name the individuals, write them down, and see which group they fit in the best. Then (hopefully) realise that the aforementioned best such group is "the people on this list", and act accordingly.

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I'm generally upset with Israel over their treatment of other ethnic groups in the region, and I'm upset with people in our government and other leaders of institutions who support (through many different methods) what Israel is doing. This includes non-Jewish as you mentioned. Trump, for instance, and many non-Jewish Congress people. I'm upset with most of those same people attempting to bring communism into our country as well. We don't need it.

All of that being said, I'm still free to point out that Jewish people have a massively disproportionate amount of power and control as an ethnic group. And I'll keep pointing it out even when it hurts people's feelings.

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All of that being said, I'm still free to point out that Jewish people have a massively disproportionate amount of power and control as an ethnic group.

That just seems like bog standard nepotism at this point; reducing corruption would eventually reduce this proportion to baseline levels. Though I applaud your clear articulation of your stance on the matter.

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435.746k of pewdiepie subs.

Wait, really? If that's true, I'm impressed.

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this makes no sense that'd help them