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I guess 1400 Googlers are still taking the old "don't be evil" motto seriously.

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But you need around 10 caffeinated programmers to implement a censor filter afterwards, might be crude, but some blackbox machine-learning and POW China is censored again.

Compartmentalization might just outsource the last filter to a china 'company' so Alphabet is 'sin free'.

Edit: It's not like China wouldn't have a dictionary worth of censored search terms at the ready.

Edit-Edit: The pipe can be ones enemy when making/implementing a 'wholesome' solution. Somehow 'digiNewbs' know the concept of 'the computer can make anything possible' but when confronted with 'yeah anything, filter it afterwards' you're a ''conspiracy' theorist'. While this whole filtering procces is the core of making data usable (like making a graph).

An analogy I like is a chef making an omelet. "can't go wrong"

  • malicious chef: 'just you watch' fry it for 30 minutes 'can't go wrong? I would say just as planned'. And if anyone asks why it took longer: LAG, it's just lag, shitty wiring, the pan needed warming up, fiber glass wiring being light speed nah that's a myth we in China do not have the Western glass fibers, the chicken just laid burnt eggs but totally not me just planning to fail.

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True that. Alphabet needs a black ops company that they keep secret from the Google staff. Black ops can do the drone project and this china thing.

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It doesn't have to be black ops though. Alphabet delivers their 'wholesome search engine' and the output is filtered by the Chinese government. The knowledge of effective searching in Chinese and the numerous dialects would be Alphabet, but the end results would be filtered as just only the approved sites. Even in the naive view of alphabet not knowing what they get into China can censor it anyway.

The crux would be in knowingly giving your 'search/indexing knowledge' to an entity that restricts the access every easily by applying a simple filter.

Like having an oracle open to public but you duct tape their mouth when they talk about overthrowing you or talk shit about your past/present/future.

But we know alphabet isn't even a 'open source' (in information spreading) in the "free" west Alphabet is like an all knowing and sharing oracle.

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That's gold man, you should send Alphabet a bill for your consulting time.

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I'm an Anti-consultant if any. Though I'm looking for a job... :p

But would rather make something 'wholesome' than spin tall tales about AI (which is IT consultancy atm).