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I think about this sentiment every time I read news from China. It makes me especially sad because they've never known the kind of freedom many other countries enjoy, therefore they don't know what they're giving up on a daily basis.

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"People willing to trade their freedom for security will receive neither." Benjamin Franklin

If you're trading away freedom, why would you also expect to receive it? That's idiotic. The actual quote is not idiotic, though:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

I think they quote is somewhat antiquated, because what constituted liberty in 1800 is not the same as what constitutes it now. Liberty just means "free", and because total freedom would be anarchy, its never about "freedom" as such, it's about particular freedoms, and in this case, as it related to being a British colony. 2A guys will hold this quote up like it's an indelible truth in 2019, but there are countries that outaw guns, and far fewer people die to gun violence. I want liberty from being shot, how about that?

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You're right. The situations have changed so it does not apply exactly the same way it did back then. At the same time, I feel that it is important to remember the history because it is more likely to repeat, in one way or another, if we forget it. And yeah, thathalped. Thanks for correcting the line.

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Ban him!! Ban him!!! How dare he dismiss the idea of complete puppy dogs, and ice cream cradle to grave!!! That privileged bastard!!! ~ so saith a SJW, PC'd, communist, socialist, slave.

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...and everyone so: YEAH! LET'S DO THIS!

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well,you could just buy some alarm system

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people who trade their security for freedom,are prob/homeless or end up dead

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Why is that?

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i think we all live in some sort of protection in our homes etc,so if you give that up your free,like the homeless....but it can be dangerous and cost yeh your life

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I hope you won't use this argument against lockdown, because lockdown is absolutely necessary when there's an epidemic, and it's not forever, it's just temporary and Italy, France, etc have a lot of freedom yet they did have a lockdown.

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I am not against a lockdown during an epidemic. What I am trying to highlight is that we need to be aware that these times can not be used as an unfair advantage by people in power to enforce agendas that would otherwise face with people's disagreement.

PS: How did you stumble on a post that is almost a year old?