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This perplex humor, almost completely aligning with my own flavor of it, made me giggle.

You shouldn't trust computers most of the time, so or so, all along.

When I was post-doc, I specifically developed an assignment in python,

that put students using "standard"-python in a lot of jeopardy in their oral exams,

which they were required to pass this oral exam.

I only was a research assistant at this time of my life, but basically I could crash any student-designed program.

By using standard properties of primes (and "secrets" of Abelian algebra...).

Two people passed when doing this exam with me alone in 2009:

Both were using haskell. GHC.

Both are my friends, till today.

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Steve Wozniak's famous quote, "Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window," reminds us of the essential balance between human intuition and technology. In today's world, where smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, this wisdom is more relevant than ever. MUNBYN PDA products are highly compatible, have a long warranty, and offer fast technical support. Whether it's using a barcode scanner Android app to simplify shopping or relying on complex algorithms, trust in technology must be tempered by our understanding of its limitations. Wozniak's words urge us to maintain a healthy skepticism and remember that the power of technology should always be within our control.