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Commentary on weight loss but no mention of the effects fiber deficient carbohydrates have directly on insulin response and indirectly on several other hormones associated with hunger, satiety among other things.

That said, consume mostly leafy greens as they provide nutrients without the sugar or starch. Have red meat, saturated fat as they will not adversely affect insulin response as much as the other macronutrients.

Eventually, your hormones are restructured to the extent that hunger intensity and frequency are greatly reduced and satiety is extended. Before you know it, your body will signal you to stop eating.

This does not work with carb rich foods especially junk food. In fact, satiety and fullness are inhibited to the point where your appetite seemingly never goes away.

I struggle to eat above 1,700 calories when eating foods that adhere to a proper macronutrient distribution.

I struggle to eat below 3,500 calories when eating foods that do not adhere to a proper macronutrient distribution.