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Americans scream Obama ended the wars.

Americans say anyone who wants to reduce the US debt is an asshole.

Americans insist that loving freedom means that you hate freedom.

Americans say Americans must submit their DNA, give their fingerprints, and get microchip implants to fly because illegal immigrants might want to travel.

Americans say the government should close newspapers because of fake news.

Americans insist free speech must be illegal because someone might say mean words.

Americans say advertising must be outlawed because products sell themselves.

Americans swear protesting must be illegal because windows might be broken.

Americans say churches must be shut because Muslims exist.

Americans scream guns must be outlawed because bump stocks are just toys.

Americans say NSA wiretapping is fine because Americans have nothing to hide.

Americans insist forfeiture is wonderful because someone might use drugs.

Americans think torture is great because other countries do it.

The destruction of the US cannot come quickly enough.