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is socialism perfect, no, but it's better than capitalism which is aka oligarchy

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No it isn't. Capitalism has given us everything we have today, including the very computer you're using to browse this website. The cheap, plentiful electricity powering it is thanks to capitalism. Your knowledge of the English language is thanks to capitalism. The food in your belly is thanks to capitalism. Your likely being in decent health is thanks to capitalism.

Socialism, which is essentially Communism dressed in a suit and tie and sporting a top hat, has given us little more than starvation, mass death, creative and scientific suppression, and war. Socialism is a fantasy because founding a society based on equality and "fairness" is a fantasy. It will never, ever succeed.

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bad take

if not for new deal we wouldn't have a middle class

competiton from USSR made the rich here give up some thongs otherwise they would have gotten anastasia'd. We need that fear for the rich back.

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Nothing to see here, comrade, just a totally legitimate and not at all questionable poll from a people under the thumb of one of the most suppressive regimes on Earth asking to be suppressed even more, please, with a cherry on top. After all, why would they want any of this crappy freedom and Democracy and Capitalism nonsense that has shaped much of the modern world and made the West the peak of human civilization for many decades now? Successful, thriving 80s Soviet era style living is where it's at, and more of it!

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Let's have another Chernobyl!

We love sequels here in the west!

Chernobyl 2: Meltdown!

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Lazy bastards in "want a free ride" shocker