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Ludendorff mentions the Jesuits but only in their alliance with Jews and freemasons. There are two Jesuitical societiesand both dispise the other. The trad. Catholic Jesuits were largely a military order of the Church showing piety but also preaching the gospel as far and wide on earth. Some of their adventures were certainly unorthodox and they had their faults and dirty violent history. The other society was the memorialists (Crypto-Jews). Jesuit Jews which the Catholics deemed an infiltration in the late 16th century and as a countermeasure imposed blood purity laws because they believed many were desecrating Christ's name and subverting the society to climb to the higher ranks of power for their own self-serving interests.

Today, the Jesuit pope, as evidenced by Maurice Pinay, promotes talmudism. Talmudic Jews are Theocratic religious fascists.

Ludendorff writes:

The secret of tke influence of the Jesuits and how to put an end to it which I weote in collaboratiom with my wife, I showed how supemational forces such as the inner circles of the Jews and freemasons and the leading ecclesiastics of the Church of Rome and their capitalistic representatives in the world of finance were planning the destruction of these Esau-like nations of the world, whose existence, like that of mayflies, is bounded by the setting sun.

Firstly, Catholics are completely against freemasonry; Jesuit Jews are not. Secondly, talmudists openly say they wish to destroy Esau and the West. So, today's Catholic church has been entirely taken over by Talmudists.