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The shooting was a PSYOP, nobody died. So, many plot holes, schemas, and percentopn management tacts, that it can ONLY be a Hyperactive drill passed off as real. Besides, there's no evidence of deaths, but there was evidence of a hyperactive drill planned for that day, told by students NOT IN THE KNOW.

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Yesterday the government wanted your photo.

Today the government wants your fingerprints.

Tomorrow the government will want your DNA.

Next week the government will want you to register your guns.

Next month the government will confiscate your guns.

Next year the government will send you to the concentration camps.

How much are you going to take?

Americans should go hardcore about resisting oppression now.

The police state doesn’t keep you safe. Tyranny actually increases danger because it gives people a false sense of security and leads to more terrorism. The government takes away your right protect yourself, but the state won’t protect you.

The main point of the police state is to crush resistance to the 1%

If there is TSA groping and NSA wiretapping then why is there still terrorism?

Americans should start wearing wigs, disguises, bandages, beards, hats, sunglasses, head scarves, and surgical masks.

Americans should report everyone to the police as terrorists to keep the police busy and to make a mockery of the police state while waking people up about the danger of tyranny.

Americans should get fake ID’s and sell, trade, or give away like candy copies of their birth certificates, Social Security cards, passports, and driver licenses.

Americans should smuggle to avoid taxes and tariffs and make victimless gun possession, prostitution, drugs, licensing, and gambling laws unenforceable.

No one rules if no obeys.

They can’t kill us all.

The government and illegal immigrants don’t obey the law, so why should Americans obey the law and pay taxes that they didn’t vote for?

The USA is no longer a democracy. Everything is illegal and everyone is a criminal. Obeying the law is difficult when the laws constantly change, the laws are contradictory, and our overlords don’t even tell us what the laws are.

Many Americans feel powerless to do anything about the expanding police state, but they can still fight back.

What if Americans just dropped out and stopped supporting US wars, debt, and tyranny?

What if everyone became stateless?

What if everyone stopped using their name?

What if everyone stopped using banks and started buying gold, bartering, and hiding cash?

What if everyone bought farms using anonymous private shell corporations?

What if everyone stopped driving cars and getting driver licenses?

What if everyone stopped using phones and the Internet?

What if everyone stopped flying?

What if everyone stopped paying taxes?

What if everyone stopped joining the military?

What if everyone stopped voting?

What if everyone avoided being photographed?

What if everyone took responsibility for themselves and refused to sign up for Obamacare instead of relying on the government?

Maybe the elites want everyone to give up, but at least we won’t be paying them.


Pass the word.