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There it is. No empathy. Nothing matters to him but his happiness.

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If he didn't doesn't feel guilty then why is he crying?

Feeling sorry for himself.

Just like every other sociopath.

Even if you thought you weren't to blame a normal person would still feel guilty.

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wow. between that and the,'i didnt pull the trigger' shit, hes really burying himself.

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He didn't pull the trigger, but he pulled the hammer and let it fall, which is what the trigger does.

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I am curious why that was never covered in a gun safety briefing. Had Baldwin never used a revolver before in a movie?

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George Clooney made this statement on the WTF with March Maron podcast:

"Every single time I'm handed a gun on the set, every time they hand me a gun I look at it, I open it," he told Maron on the November 15 episode. "I show it to the person I'm pointing it to, I show it to the crew. Every single take, you hand it back to the armorer when you're done."

"You do it again and part of it is because of what happened to Brandon, everyone does it," he continued, referring to his friend Brandon Lee, who died of an accidental shooting while making the 1993 movie "The Crow." "Everybody knows and maybe Alec did that, hopefully, he did do that."

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Yeah, I agree that's a terrible optic. But does anyone even know who killed Jason Lee? That was Bruce Lee's son and nobody made a fuss like this. People mourned it as a tragic accident and moved on.

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Brandon Lee. The crew had butchered live cartridges to make dummy rounds, removing the gunpowder but not the primer. The gun was fired at some point and the bullet was pushed out of the cartridge and into the barrel. The gun was later reloaded with blanks for the scene, and the blank had enough force to propel the bullet out through the barrel and into Lee.

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Well that's not true.

At the time there was a huge conspiracy theory he'd faked his own death.

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But nobody wanted to prosecute Michael Massee.

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Maybe because he did fake his own death.

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Schadenfreude is very comforting at times.

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How many times does he have to explain it to you plebeians? The gun literally fired itself!

Yes, he was holding it. Yes, he was pointing it at the director for some reason. Yes, his finger was over the trigger. Yes, Alec Baldwin is a long history of being a stupid asshole.

But he assures us, he did not fire that gun.

So please, direct your anger towards that murderous gun. Not poor Alec. That man's been through enough!