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a joke about my name, that is kind of different at least, thanks.

Yeah I suppose it's not the right sub, news, this is a site wide problem. Absolutely infested with shills, which is nothing new, just that the jokes are so lame lately. I guess that's the point, make us not want to use the site.

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I won't say their humour is great, but if you think you have potential in that realm, write and post it. Or draft it up to get feedback and polish with some folks. If it's really good we can record it (Ed has a great voice) and edit videos for /s/LeverMind or whatever.

Also, if you have ideas about how to improve things, /s/SaidItCommunity and/or /s/Cassy are about developing better social management ideas for social media.

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I'm not here to make jokes. I'm not a comedian so won't try to be. Others should follow that advice.

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I won't argue with that.

Though, almost everyone has a sense of humour. Even dry folks.

When it comes to trying to appeal to the largest possible audience (without dumbing it down) and my/our attempts at humour for the /s/LeverMind Variety Show and/or the /s/LeverMind_Dev (or whatever the name might be, coming tomorrow) I hope you might weigh in. There's usually room to improve via clarification, simplification, rewording, etc. Not all of my stuff will be (attempts at) humour, but I hope that if it doesn't carry a twist, most of it will give folks heavy food for thought.

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levermind, I guess that is a sub you made specifically for comedy? Totally fine. And I'm not looking for censorship or anything, just critiquing their lame jokes. It's like on reddit, you go to a seriousish political post and every comment is a lame attempt at a joke. To try to get karma I guess. If it's actually funny that's cool but it usually isn't. Like the guy here who posts typical woke liberal type stuff then ends it with shalom, that was funny maybe the first few times but thousands of posts, several times a day? Starts to get old.

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LeverMind is not just comedy.
It's a variety show.
My main goal: challenge conventional thinking, by any means necessary.

⚡ Shazam.