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    one quick question for you, sir or madame...

    when i visited the website, it asked me if i am a robot..

    are there a lot of robots that like to lookup sex offenders?

    i did not know that this was a problem.

    are there pedophiles amongs the robots?

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      yeah, sucks

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      "On SaidIt, you are not allowed to link to the National Sex Offender Registry ( and point out how you can easily and 100% legally seek out a convicted pedophile near you,"

      Right, but there is no such thing as a 'convicted pedophile', because people are not prosecuted for sexual urges, only crimes. If you wish to point out someones criminal activity, use the correct terms, sexual predator, child rapist, child trafficker, child molester, chomo, or other such like terms.

      Can't figure out why there is a silent majority protecting these criminals? Keep putting the wrong terms in all caps, and calling for death to all those who have had inappropriate thoughts. Because 'thought crimes'.

      Now lets take a look at u/CopBlaster submitter of this post. Is he using saddit to doxx people?

      What the hell is going on here? And do I dare ask what a "Cop Blaster" is?

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      Pedophiles should be forced to wear badges in public.

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      Hears pistol safeties disengaging across the country.

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      pedophiles has no right

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      Pedophiles are one activist-swarmed "voting session" at the APA away from the same status as homos and trannies. The groundwork is being laid.

      This is what we got when choices and behaviors were substituted for immutable characteristics that used to be the determinant of "rights".

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      A healthy society is a threat to them, that's why corruption and deviancy is promoted, it weakens the masses but they don't complain. The masses will gladly protest over a stupid fucking super league made created by a bunch of billionaires scared of losing wealth, let them have it. We deserve enslavement, because we don't stick together for the right reasons anymore.

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      why protect a child rapist? come on!!