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I posted this link of my top-ranked posts in saidit chat and I figured some other people might like to browse this too, if they like other things I've written. There's some really great information in those top posts! You will learn something interesting, I tried my best to guarantee that.

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I love your posts. I noticed on reddit you got hammered with downvotes many times. Downvotes on speddit usually mean you're getting too close to the truth.

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Thanks. I learned the downvotes can mean you're exposing deep truths, but not necessarily. But you are definitely correct

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    Your kind words are much appreciated. I'm glad you've come to saidit, welcome! Please make yourself at home!

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    "An eye for an eye makes the world blind."

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    Good posts.
    My top posts and remarks are almost all about funny stuff:

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    Fantastic work man. You helped to "red pill" me back in the day. I remember reading lots of these posts.

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    Ha thanks, glad to hear it. It means a lot. I wish there were more people doing journalism and research like this, to the point where the "mainstream media" wasn't even necessary or relevant anymore. That'd be the day

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    It's only relevant because people decide to view it. Imagine if people were aware enough to seek truth and turnoff the Television.

    I've always wondered why some people suddenly wake up and expose to themselves and others the lies and propganda in our daily lives, whether it be the obscenity of consumerism or the talking heads on the TV or noble lies perpetuated for eternity, there's always a minority that is aware to this deception. Then there are those who discover it, become aware but decide to deny it and lie to themselves and then there are those who will never wake up.

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    holy fucking shit. i've read a few of these over the years but youre....its stunning how ahead of the times you were/are.

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    Thank you, much appreciated