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Maybe a good idea to see how many false flags we have been enduring:

  1. 9/11 - The three towers were brought down with demolition, after the fires were under control. There were many people in the know, of which many Americans, but also the dancing Israelis (who for some reason did not think it was important to warn people of the incoming event that they were video-taping). The air-defense was deliberately offline and fake hijacking were going on with plane-switching.

  2. Anthrax attacks. The anthrax came from a American laboratory, and was targeting journalists who were not buying the invasion of Iraq based on non-existing WMDs.

  3. J.F. Kennedy. The CIA (+Mafia) clearly killed him, proudly. But needed a patsy, a dead one.

There are far more.

There are also many other intelligence/black-ops tactics that are used to push a narrative.

Currently the use of fake experts is pushing the fake crisis and fake solutions.
And the misuse of the PCR tests (and actors) is one of the main ways to push fake cases.

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There are far more.

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1.) There were not that many in the know; not even low CIA intel. officials were in the know, though the higher-ups of nearly all intel. agencies around the world know that Mossad and Zionist Jews with connections to Israel and the neocon pnacers were the perpetrators. That being said it was likely US intel was involved but on a compartmentalized effort.

9/11 was Purim against the Goyim to initiate the Yinon Global War on Terror.

9/11 was also a convenient atrocity event for other figures with their own geopolitical agendas to latch on and use it as a catalyst.

2.) Anthrax attacks: Read Graeme MacQueen's book 'The Anthrax Attacks a Case for a Domestic Conspiracy.' It was likely Zionist Jews who orchestrated this attack such as Phillip Zacks and other agents. The neocon Donald Kagan was the first to say Al Qeada and Iraq had Anthrax and would use it on the population, he also linked anthrax to the 'hijackers' which was the offeiinal pre-fabricated narrative but indepedent agencies started to discover that the Anthrax was domestic and the neocons nearly outed themselves. The FBI then covered it up because as I've come to understand it, the US government is not always that cozy with neocons or Zionists Jews with foreign ties to Israel, espeically not investigatory agencies but nevertheless, they don't want to look incompetent and stupid, so they cover it up.

3.) Two books prove who killed JFK and why. Michele Metta's 'CLAY Shaw and the CIA Mossad station' and Michael Collin Piper's book 'Final Judgement.'

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Best ally ever

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”But sir, they have their white flags up!! Surely we should stop?!”

”We’ll blame someone else idiot, there will be no survivors..”