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I wish AJ would shut the heck up for 5 minutes and let someone interview him on their show. He's always gotta lead the conversation somewhere crazy lest a sane question or a question about Israel gets asked.

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Yeah, after the joint and the booze, all hell broke loose and it was an interruption-fest. Yes, when Bravo asked a delicate question about 9/11, AJ went into ignore-mode. But his memory is amazing since at one point he rattled off the relevant document number, section, and paragraph. Joe and Eddie thought he was joking but he wasn't.

Not sure if you heard AJ's theory of life, the universe, and everything up to 2017, but it seemed to be related to CERN that was probably not a household word back then. Anyway, it was a hoot and a face of AJ I'd never seen.

BTW, AJ later in the interview denied he had toked on the joint but he sure did and you can see it in his bleary eyes.