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Pro tip: Don't use debit cards unless you like being robbed.

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Robbed of your privacy. The business you just contracted with is robbed by the banksters who charge a processing fee. Robbed from your freedom from the digital slave system. Don't go over your carbon credit worthless eaters

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I used a credit card with rewards and paid it off with my checking account each month.

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I wonder how many people say they do this, and how many people actually do this. Not saying you dont, but a lot of people tell me they do this

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Anyone who doesn't do it is missing out. I have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in free money using other people's money. For doing nothing more than spending the money I was already going to spend. It's even better when it's an expense account, now the money is truly free.

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I mean not really free, they know a lot about you. The things you buy and lifestyle you lead, where you hang out, likely how much money you make. They can use that information against you somehow. It isn't free if you're then product - you're selling them your info, good on you to make sure you at least egt soemthibg out of it unlike most.

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Sure, I don't disagree and understand the concept fully. But I'm only here once, and no matter my stance on privacy, nothing will change due to my fellow mans complacency. I'll take my free 96" TV and a little blissful ignorance from time to time.

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The trick is not to spend too much. You don't want to charge more than you earn.

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If you won't use cash, this is the way

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In the near future the currencies of the individual nations will be replaced with the mark of the beast, as Jesus warned in Revelation chapter 13. If you want to keep your soul, do not allow them to brand you as their slave. Jesus died so you could be free.

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Chase is owned by the Rothschilds, who will do anything to screw over the poor and middle class. I used to have an account with them and they fucked up my balance and had someone steal my personal info. So I quit using them and canceled my account.