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i just get a 503 error. My grandfather was a 33rd degree mason; I guess part of his graduation, or achievement ceremony was to have his hands bound, and then tied to a rope to the back of a tractor, then pulled through the streets of San Antonio half naked.

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hmmm... doesnt gematria like #33....

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I coincidentally watched the movie "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" after seeing the tricks in your video. The movie is ridiculously loaded with freemasonry references and I never noticed it before. Literally the end of the movie, Sean Connery says "We have been illuminated" and the whole movie is about overcoming these ritual trials by using bible verses and the power of belief. And also I later read it was filmed at the Royal Masonic School, which serves as Indiana's college in both this film and raiders of the lost ark:

I am starting to realize these hazing rituals and tricks are a big part of the system's design.

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The hazing is just another form of the system's design. Instilling obedience to the order. There is no reason why the rituals and mystery teachings should be secret unless they are hiding something.

Some other films loaded with Freemasonic symbolism is the film Sherlock Holmes and the films Back to the Future 1 and 2. In fact, many of these films boast about future events including the thirty year planned 9/11 event, its very date having esoteric meaning.

Films and TV shows today are loaded with freemasonic symbolism because many of the producers and directors are Freemasons, usually of Jewish decent. I believe Spielberg was the director of most of the Indiana Jone’s films… he also created films predicting 9/11.

Basically, Hollywood magickians (directors) nefariously tinker with the minds of the populace...and all without any word of what they are really doing or going to do. Seemingly subliminal/subconscious in nature! A 'Trojan-like' program, operating in the background undercurrent of Hollywood productions and other related media, including TV, music etc. When you see it, you can not unsee it and it becomes all to obvious the more you become aware of it.

1993 (same year as Jurassic Park)

"Wish for (on) a dinosaur (star) and watch all your dreams come true"

And we know the only dog that died on 9/11 was a K-9 = 11/9 named Sirius, the dog star. Likely, the entire story was a ruse, but these losers have to flaunt their symbolism.

Look up Mr. Stosh’s Human farming on 9/11 video and how the two pillars into one connect with the mystery school and Solomons Temple. They were replaced with two black cube water fountains, representative of the aqueduct of Solomons temple where the blood spilled from sacrifices. Sounds, ludicrous, but it’s not. They planned this event thirty years in advance and possibly when the towers were first developed in the early 1950’s as numerous cartoons reference 9/11, the destruction of the twin towers and the Standard Oil man, Rockefeller, who interestingly, was the developer of the WTC complex. He even wrote a book in 1999 which predicts the destruction of the towers. The chapter is called forewarning! In it he explains how the towers have a ‘Built in Vanishing Act’ and that you do not need ‘video editing’ or a ‘demolition expert to destroy them’ you just need to have a keen eye. He said this process will allow us to ‘rebuild the tower’ plural, floor by floor, suggesting the one world tower. He is telling everyone that they are going to destroy the towers, basically boasting about it.

The 'Brother M - 1109' or 'Brotherhood 13/Mason 11th Sept' date written euro style.

And how about this to finish it off...right at the films climax, a barely audible comment from the secretary on the phone while sitting in WTC7.

It’s all just one big coincidence they say.

Bear all this in mind with the Hilton Millenium Hotel (Monolith) overlooking Ground Zero and that we're dealing with the year 2001!

Both Gremilns films came out of Spielberg's Amblin studio and were directed by Joe 'inferno' Dante.

Gremlins 2 and the 9/11 'ciphers' plus...Eric Shawn as a character (holding 11) and Eric Shawn as a Fox (Anubis) reporter for Fox TV on 9/11/01....11 years later!


The Stanton Twins starred in these 2 films back to back...both films have 9/11 ciphers.

In Arnie's True Lies (1994 starring with Jamie Lee 'Trading WTC Places' Curtis) 1994 (James Cameron, again using ciphers)

1997 film:

Harry's latest mission in Switzerland reveals the existence of an Islamist militant organization group known as the Crimson Jihad, led by Salim Abu Aziz (Malik). Harry soon learns that Aziz has kidnapped their daughter, Dana, and with the remaining terrorists has taken over the top floor of an under-construction office building in downtown Miami.

Back to the Future with Robert '9/11 WTC' Zemeckis… 1985...with Michael J Anubis, created by Speilberg’s Amblin films

The Twin reference....terrorist reference and the flipped 9/11 reference. Back To The 'WTC' Future 2.

Notice ISIS/Lady Liberty torch. The room is made to look like NYC. Why the upside down man? Why the twin towers? Interestingly, just before the twin towers projection we see two pine trees, reference to the twin pines to one lone pine mall in the first movie. Symbolizing the destruction of the two pillars (The towers) into one lone tower. Also, if you turn the screen upside down in the upside down persons view, you see the twin towers falling or being destroyed. Also, Marty reaches the future on Oct 21th 2015, the director of this film, who has ties to Israel, 30 years later releases a film on Oct 21st 2015 concerning the World Trade Center Towers… hmmmm. It’s a game to these people.

And these are only a few of thousands of examples, there are more obvious ones.

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Also, you have the fact that Jesus was likely born on 9/11 and everything makes sense.

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I skipped through it on mute, some pretty interesting illustrations. Freemasons really love their goofy tricks to fool people. They love feeling smarter and in control