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There is some controversy about powerful people seeking to manipulate medical cases in order to gain money from the whole business. This is something worth seeing.

Could vaccines be not only not as neccesary as we are told they are, but actually harmful for us?

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Also, it is considered dangerous, cause it's given to adults who can testify in the fake vaccine court and win, vs families who get blamed for their child's injuries for neglect, etc.

The flu shot has more pay outs, because adults can articulate what happened and most children can't talk, or haven't developed their communication.

There are much more dangerous vaccines. MMR in particular.

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Vaccines are a eugenics scam. It's intended for population reduction, and genetic sabotage.

Polio was never eliminated anywhere. They renamed it menangitus.

Sanitation is the true hero of history. Antibiotics would be a distant second place or honorable mention.

These facts don't recieve significant media attention, because they work against the globalist eugenics agenda.

Search Saidit for vaccine info. I've posted multiple articles and summaries.

Also, I don't consider myself an antivaxxer. I'm a proponent of informed consent.

The next time a doctor offers you a vaccination, you should request a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS). They'll try to give you a pamphlet instead, but be firm about reviewing the risks on a VIS.

By law, they're supposed to provide a VIS with every vaccination, but they will try to avoid producing it, cause they don't want to review it with you. It outlines and trivializes the risks, but seriously undermines the "safe and effective" mantra.

Don't blame the doctors though, cause they're indoctrinated/brainwashed and generally believe that they're doing the right thing. Like prescribing oxycodone for minor pain...

[–]hennaojisan 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) << this is wiki so you can expect any problems to be minimized or not mentioned. The two links below will show you the real problems <<< two dozen medical studies show MMR vaccine can cause autism as in the video linked above by HibikiBlack <<search results for MMR Vaccine neurological problems

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a "virus" is one of the biggest scams of all time... "virus research" is cell-spot-reading, akin to palm reading, face reading, tea leaf reading... the "virus" "illustrated" in the medias is disney cgi graphics connecting the cell-spots... freckles patterns could as well "indicate" future illness, if the "science" had any consistent legitimacy, as freckle reading has much more historical data... "virus research" and the resulting "vaccines" is a huge a$$ $cam....!!!

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Hey there tri-shiva.

You have a young account. Are you planning on vaccinating it?

You should ask for a trivalent flu shot, to match your tri-Shiva user name, and your tri-hour old account.