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The media is in on all of this.

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They said the same about 9/11. Nothing was done. Enjoy the ride, don't get so caught up in it you lose your bearings.

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And yet, people continue to believe the media and think that voting actually does something worth while. Obama's Yes, we can and all his anti-wall street speeches and anti-war stances, were lies. Trump did the same, with drain the swamp, and CFR Gabbard is also doing the same. Trust ZERO politicans. They all hate us.

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on point

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I know most of the media and News is fictional now because of the sources they use.

Why would anyone take their workd for it.

Sources say, unnamed source says, source familiar with investigation, I read one on AP news, that said, a source familiar with a source familiar with teh investigation. Yeah, very trustworthy, and they have the legal authority to literally make crap up.

How anyone can beieve the media and their governemnt is beyound me. Everyone is too caught up in party politics that they lose their values and principles.