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Whoa I had no idea, awesome post. Too bad for them that that news helicopter messed up by filming that cop/military guy running away from the school into the trees at the start of the event.

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Did you know about the FEMA training event that was happening?

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Yeah, vaguely, but was it slam dunk damning? I vaguely remember that the day was off, or that the training was not related to a school shooting, or that it was far away.

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Yes, but partcipants were bussed from st. Rosa Lima school to Sandy Hook. ThePaulstalservice completely shredded apart the Sandy Hook Psyop. He discovered that Sandy Hook was an echo of St. rosa lima school and the children a year before were moved to Monroe, CT., not after the event, which is proven by the work orders to Sandy Hook in Monroe CT, thr food being sent their in early 2012 by sysco, and the library FCC number for internet service. This was a closed done school in Monroe CT, but unlike SandyHook it wasn't riddled with Asbestos. So, the children were moved their for their safety. The place needed to be demolished, so what better way than to conduct a psyop, planned in 2008, garner 200 million to build a new school already planned.

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I'll check out the Paulstal service Sandy Hook stuff, thanks.

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I'm sorry to say but the paulstal service is long gone. His website was hacked and a bunch of shills threatened him and found out where he lived. There's a shill website desicated to outing him.

He had some videos left up on YouTube but those got censored on the convenient date of 9/11/2018. You might want to try I believe his videos are there.

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That was also a staged scripted event. A diversion tactic written into the Obsidian script. The point is, Sandy Hook was a non-event. None of the kids died. And no proof has ever been shown. Look at the firehouse that day. Every ambulance was blocked in. It is preposterous and laughable.

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I thought it was more of mistake than a diversion tactic. It diverted me away from believing the official narrative. Anyway, yes, there were so many red flags with this event that it is preposterous.