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I was on a podcast and we talked about Black Cube for like 30 minutes, it's all here if anyone wants to listen:

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It's an interesting episode.

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Black cude, hmmmmm. After all, a lot of these Israeli Intelligence companies had a hand in the WTC demolitions.

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I'm sure some of the current lead agents were involved.

From 9/11... to Harvey Weinstein's dirty business. The intelligence community has gone shamefully commercial.

Standards have diminished....

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The coup in the US started 1992 under the DPG think tank. Now our entire intelligence agencies are hijacked.

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I suspect that theiir coup started with the JFK assassination. Jack Ruby's real name is "Jacob Leon Rubenstein". He was an operative in the jewish mafia.

Israel clearly had the goods on Johnson, because if they didn't then there would have been a retaliatory action for the USS Liberty Attack. This event would be common knowledge.

Instead, his administration covered it up... And also covered up the stolen nuke timers (half were returned), etc.

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There were multiple coups such as the signing of the Federal Reserve Act into law, that Woodrow Wilson later said he regretted. Many presidents, such as Andrew Jackson fought hard to stop these vipers from trying to take control of the money supply.

Yes, I read about Jack Ruby. The Jewish mafia is a markedly large business that few dear to talk about:

The author, Hervé Ryssen, has been jailed 13 times for writing seven books concerning the Jewish Mafia.. His most recent conviction in 2015, for which he received three months hard time, came simply as punishment for the original cover to this book (a stock illustration of 1930s gangsters with a list of their crimes—arms dealing, racketeering, contract murder, drug dealing, money laundering, pimping, casinos, pornography, kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, diamond swindles, white slaving, smuggling, African slave trading, trafficking in stolen artwork etc.). (It is pretty obvious who we are NOT suppose to talk about.)

^ ^ ^ This is literally the only place you're going to find this book, it is banned on Amazon and everywhere else.

USS Liberty... Yes that too. The coup has been a slow boil. However, I believe 1992 - 2001 was when it really picked up. The Necons are largely Jewish, Dual-Israeli and many are Zionists, though their movement started through trotskyite communism. They are masters of deception.

If you can buy it, get the documentary (7hr doc) A Very Heavy Agenda. It is a tremendous account of the necons rise to power. They are untouchable and years before 9/11 were frothing at the mouths concerning a so called New Pearl Harbor. They would go around the war colleges and use cryptic language concerning secret, sneak attacks such as what Paul Wolfowitz did at the Naval war college. They predicted 9/11 via their think tank documents, most likely planned the attacks or hired some nihilists and agents to do it, and thus, subsequently got everything their think tank docs laid out. It helped The Likud party who 70 years ago their front groups started modern terrorism. It helped create the war on terror, or the never ending war for profit, exploitation and to rid of Israel's enemies.