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Or like releasing a picture to the public to confirm he is dead.

You know, like how they showed the footage of the Libyan leader Gaddafi beings strung up by his innards on every single news channel on repeat for days.

But we "wouldn't want to create a martyr" with Osama so he vanishes without a trace. Even though the marines completely captured and surrounded him in his compound and could've easily kept him alive.

None of it makes any sense. Some think he may have died years earlier, and then they finally just pretended to actually "kill him" in a PR stunt to help Obama.

Osama was killed May 2, 2011, corresponding with a huge short-term spike in Obama's approval rating as shown in this graph:

It's all theater.

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John Cena was the first public figure to announce OBL's assassination.

This was a completely contrived Hollywood movie PR ending. You seriously can't make this stuff up. It's not even remotely credible.

Hopefully, future historians will debunk this B-grade theater.

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Haha that is hilarious about John Cena, I didn't know that. It really is kabuki theater. Those at the top from different countries have more in common with each other, than citizens of countries do with their "leaders"