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This is just ridiculous.

Let's assume, for a moment, that vaccines significantly increase the risk of autism and ovary damage. Surely it's more plausible to believe that there's a genetic selective vulnerability to Vaccine Evilness™ than that there's a big conspiracy to selectively poison vaccines based on profiling…

And what counts as "white" and "black" anyway? (I'd say the same about "males" and "females" but I doubt there's enough data about that.)

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Sex tends to roughly follow a binary, even though there are many, many exceptions, but race is very obviously a human concept since there is much too much mixing for any of the so-called "races" to truly be separate.

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Which is why it's surprising that anything at all is correlated with race. How much of that is social, cultural, genetic?

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So is it a hypothetical question followed another hypothetical question?

Any proof for either statement?

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    I would first try to find out how albinos, Arabs (and other Semitic peoples), Native Americans and South Americans are classified under this system. I mean I would doubt the way you found out was by reading 'black women' and 'white men' somewhere.

    Like are all vaccines stored by skin color and gender?

    Also I would seriously doubt this, whatever it was I read/found that caused me to think this, because vaccinations are done by nurses, so basically all nurses should be in on it. A black woman nurse finding ampules saying 'black women only' or 'white men only' wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut.

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    A black woman nurse finding ampules saying 'black women only' or 'white men only' wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut.

    You're generalising a lot. Can I join in?

    Given the vast, vast number of people who handle vaccines, a conspiracy this large would fail within hours, unless every single person involved's family was being threatened… in which case I'd give it days.

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      I live in Europe.

      I also did not mean you would find it out as a person injecting the vaccines, but rather as a person that is involved in the process of manufracturing those.

      I would then ask myself how are they going to get those specific vaccines 'for white men only' and 'for black women only' delivered to the specified hosts. Or if I was less inquisitive I would assume something todo with Africa and special vaccines for mothers (bearing children) and the visiting usually white male doctors (who need different shots).

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      This theory fails to address the massive damage done to young females of all races via HPV vax.