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"As the DNC prepared the rules for the 2020 nominating contest, it sought to clarify its membership requirements — over Sanders allies' vocal objections — by requiring every presidential candidate to sign the loyalty pledge.

The party sent all declared candidates the form last Wednesday and Thursday and they have one week to return it signed, according to a DNC spokesperson.

But even now, the depth and permanence of Sanders' commitment to the party remains murky."

sweet jesus

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He could pull it off.

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this says he is officially a dem now. maybe could pull it off but signing a loyalty oath means he'd just sell out if president and keep all the same policies that Bush, obama and trump have kept.

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Yea. If he signs this oath then Bernie should be considered irreparably compromised.

He'd probably have Hillary forced onto him as his VP.

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some have speculated it will be kamala with hillary as the vp but who knows. either way it will be a corrupt dem and will lose to trump.

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Kamala... with a Hillary body double.

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body doubles for politicians are common but it was interesting they'd have one go and do a full speech and have that on cspan. I wonder if the real hillary died and they plan to make this new one the real one.

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I bet Bill is thrilled.

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probably thrilled about that, but at the same time worried about how his pal epstein is in the news

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I doubt that.

I think Bill Clinton's motto is, I'm Bill Clinton and IDGAF! Party in Haiti!!!

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I just think it's crazy epstein is in the news. His pedo sex ring has been known for years but MSM was silent on it because bill rode the express. A lot of conservademds are getting confused by psyops right now I think. They're not sure if they're supposed to keep supporting bill or not right now. They're also not sure if htey should support israel still because there has been debate with ocasio and omar saying AIPAC bribes politicians. It could be just to keep them on their toes and confused. In order to further divide and conquer.

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It will either be a DEM, doubtful. Or Trump again. They might need more divide and conquer. Trump does it well. Plus, when teh economy collapses it WILL be blamed on Trum pand conservatives.

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I think they will wait till last year of trumps second term to have it crash on purpose, they did this with W Bush, then let the next prez, a dem, push austerity to pay back the loans to the fed, I see this a lot too. People that vote dem want them to at least spend on things like social welfare and infrastructure but dem prez's always cut spending where repub prezs spend like drunken sailors. I actually want the economy to crash so housing prices go down and I can get good deals. Missed out on that in 2008.

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But I need to sell a house. I'll sell a day before crash and buy after, lol.

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good luck selling your house but I'm biased and hope you have to lower your asking price sorry! But you should be fine. Like I said I don't think it will crash in 2020, it looks like trump gets two terms so more like 23-24. If so I need to rot in my little apartment till then or pay out the ass for a shack on a slab of concrete