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Please be weary of this website, which employs a notorious hoaxster. I believe the website is a disinfo hub created and maintained by some aspect of the Deep State.

The specific article you've tried to share is, most likely, "fake news" -- or, disinformation, more accurately. Baxter Dmitri of YourNewsWire (now rebranded as NewsPunch because people started correlating YourNewsWire with disinformation) is the new Sorcha Faal. He's the origin of the article you've mentioned in your OP.

Here are a few of Baxter Dmitry's greatest disinformation-hits:

Wow, Baxter seems to be the go-to guy for Deep-Staters on their deathbeds! s/lol

Baxter Dmitry takes solid information about legit conspiracies, then adds-in his own fabricated-sensationalist-disinformation to the mix for clicks, making anyone who shares his disinformation look terrible in the process. That may actually be the whole point. He could easily be part of Cass Suntein's cognitive infiltration program of the conspiracy community, just like the flat earth garbage likely is.