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Public school also does not teach us where food comes from. I learned about gardening after I left school.

And the most important thing they fail to teach is the reason we are here on earth for a short life. They lead people to reject God and believe we were accidentally created here with no other purpose but to fight in wars, idolize men, work for money, and consume material goods. They fail to teach us how to pass the test of free will, which is to recognize that God's Spirit was in the man Jesus Christ, who died for us, that we might have the guilt of our sin removed from us. Those that do not recognize God in Jesus, or reject him, failed the whole point of this short, trial life.

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In the UK public education was literally set up to teach nutrition.

People were eating so badly only a third of young men were fit enough for war.

It might seem edgy to think school is trying to turn special little you into a drone when you are 14 but you should grow out of that when you hit the real world and realise school doesn't prepare you for work at all.

That would involve getting a job though, I guess.

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John Taylor Gatto

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The thing that most education fails to teach is the importance of philosophy and ethics.

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The British education system fails to prepare young people for basic life skills such as banking, contracts, debt management, employment, etc. The primary focus of schools are to train students to pass their SAT's in order for the school to be well graded by OFSTED. The concept of GCSE's are a mess and would probably be better replaced with NVQ/QCF coursework based achievements that you work towards throughout your time in education. Take away the training for SAT's and kids could get through their GCSE's by age 14, get A Levels by 16 and be out of UNI by age 19. Instead we have overgrown children in their 20's who still don't know how to pay a bill or what good work ethic is.

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^ This set me down the education industrial complex rabbit hole about 2 years ago. Society has been systematically dumbed down by design.