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In the modern world education is mostly propaganda.

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I think people's values and ethics can't be left to chance to decide, people should have institutions they can rely on for guidance and help.

"I think education should be what it always was during pre-Imperialist times before our people relied on Imperialism exclusively and hence has to shit out constant nonsensical faggot-propaganda or retarded manifest-destiny to continue subverting our targets"

Many such cases!

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The brainwashing of pop culture can have a major impact on people's value systems, and this is especially true in the case of children. In the past few decades, parents have seen their children turn into serial killers and drug addicts because they have fallen victim to the brainwashing of pop culture. However, once the brainwashing starts, it does not stop until one's entire way of thinking has been changed completely. We need to educate our children about bestessay and other such useful tools to reduce their academic pressure. We need to understand our children.