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Did you read my post? Jackson hates the House of Barring and appointed Rothschilds. His anti-bank quote on his death bed was also a lie, a made up quote. He was on the side of the Rothshilds. I can send you the correnspondence between Woodbury and Rothschild if you want, it is in Blau's book. They worshipped the Rothschilds.

Jackson even took the money out of 2USbank and put in Rothschild controlled Manhattan bank. Only small shares were held of Rothschild in 2USbank as it was more directly controlled by Barring and other UK houses.

The winners were the Frankfurt banking sect who also had offices in the UK such as Rothschild. Again, the facts are Jackson was not ANTI-BANK. He was anti-Barring and Pro-Rothschild.