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Well, for the sake of the people who are curious about the negative influence Dupont and other corporations have on daily life, I think this documentary sums it up pretty well.

It's a documentary about many of the cases in which Dupont purposely poisoned some of its own workers and people with its C8 chemical.

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Excellent documentary.

Reminds me of the movie, Dark Waters.

One of the early movies about this kind of abuse was, Erin Brockovich.

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How the heck are these fuckers not just executed?

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I've been warning people about teflon and other "non-stick" coatings for decades.

The "non-stick" bullshit by the Globalist Chemical industry is a convenience that comes at the expense of ingesting those toxic chemicals that come off on your food.

Use iron skillets, enameled cast iron dutch ovens, and steel pots (don't scrape them with sharp objects) and do not look back. Maintaining iron pans properly to avoid rust is trivial.