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The CIA has a lot more influence in politics than what people think. In fact, I don't think It's out of place to say that almost everything people are exposed to in the media is CIA propaganda. I wanted to show how Trump has been related to it before.

Trump worked for a CIA front company called Resorts International. Nearly all presidential candidates can be traced back to it somehow.

As a little heads up, I'm pretty sure that what the CIA goons are currently doing is thinking about ways to use Trump in order to create a mess so they can attack the political right. I can't tell you exactly what is going to happen, but what I do know is that they want to use that mess as an excuse for completely destroying the right, be it from the usual convervative to the alt-right, or at least getting rid of as much convervatives as they can. It almost happened during the elections, but fightings in Trump's own group made it complicated and people didn't create as much of a mess as they wanted. But I'm sure this is still what the CIA lunatics want...