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Hitler a bastard child of Rothschild says JBS Corbett and the Zionist Jew CJB; no, clearly he had a bone to pick with them and German scholars know his family back 8 generations, no Jewish or Rothschild family member in sight.

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This is an overview, I have more links on what the Nazis did to the Warburgs and other bankers; I only wanted to set out to prove that Nazis were not Zionists. They were diametrically opposed to Zionists. There is a lot of disinfo online claiming that Hitler was a Zionist or Bolshevik which does a diservice to truth. Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Hitler was a Zionist (Socialist Progressive Jews often spew this) and a Zionist Jew got markedly angry, I more or less was disgusted by how the Zionist journalist treated Corbyn but also understood why he was so angry. Now, if Corbyn had statd that in the early to mid 1930's Zionist Jews and the National Socialists worked reluctantly together for a time to emigrate some Jews to Israel is another matter entirely because after the stopage of this every Zionist affiliated organization was liquidated.