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Continued Part 1

This would include the Institute of Noahide Code which proposes a strategic alliance with the UN to promote the codification into NATIONAL legislation of Noahide laws. Such as happened recently with every govenor in teh US signing Rebbe Schneerson's Education Day.

The CHABAD RABBI meets UN Head on Noahide Laws:

"The Institute of The Noahide Code has been especially active throughout NY, DC; the UN. The Secretary General acknowledged Rabbi Cohen's efforts to SHED LIGHT through the UN."

A wikipedia Jewish editor (understand that Wikipedia was founded by porn-peddling Zionsit Jews)...

... covered for the crimes of both Robert Kagan and rabbi Dov S. Zakheim.

The Jewish editor writes:

...trying since 2008 to stop being labeled as "Jewish" and "neoconservative", etc. [Referring to Roebrt Kagan.] (Compare Benson and his religion!). Should Wikipedia have biographies of living persons?


PNAC's influence: A parable Two old Jewish men are sitting on a park bench in Berlin in the early 1930s. Things are not yet so bad, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get worse. One of the two is solemnly reading a Jewish newspaper. The other is scanning a Nazi paper, and laughing out loud. Finally, the first man stops reading and says, “It’s bad enough that you read that pro-Hitler rag. But to laugh at it!” The second responds with a shrug. “What if I read your paper? It tells me about Jewish windows being broken, Jewish shops boycotted, Jewish children beaten up in school. So ... if I read the Hitler paper it tells me that we Jews control the whole world.” — Christopher Hitchens, "Jewish Power, Jewish Peril", Vanity Fair, September 2002

Basically, he is trying to downplay at all costs the role PNAC played in the Iraq War and probably 9/11.

My use of "Jew tagging" refers especially to the anti-semitic harassment of the family of Project for a New American Century (PNAC)'s co-founder Robert Kagan and his wife Victoria Nuland, via Wikipedia, since 2008

The editor deletes whole sections on PNAC article that he doesn't agree with, such as;

Some scholars have pointed to the lack of military experience among PNAC members of the Bush administration that were pushing for the use of force to reassert America's role in the world. Andrew Flibbert has traced such notions to the influence of [[Albert Wohlstetter]] had mentored such administration figures as Wolfowitz, Khalilzad, and Perle, even introducing Perle to Iraqi exile and eventual Pentagon favorite Zionsit Ahmed Chalabi. His most politically active followers had no direct military experience of their own, but they developed an appreciation for the efficacy of force...


For instance I can see a case for the removal of Dov S. Zakheim. After a brief check, I do not see a lot of press associating him with PNAC.

The editor also blockquoted and added information on the Vulcan hand gesture dozens of times. So, here we have Zkheim calling his niche Vulcans and someone on wikipedia covering for Zakheim and adding information on how the Vulcan hand gesture is a Jewish gesture.

In his 1975 autobiography I Am Not Spock, Nimoy, who was Jewish, wrote that he based this gesture in Star Trek on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands.

The show Star Trek was created by Gene Rodenberry, a 33rd Degree Freemason with very important connections to NASA and other government officials. These connections helped the Freemasons and their Zionist confederates ensure that Star Trek would have an impact on the public consciousness that could only be compared to subliminal brainwashing.

Roddenberry is on record as stating that his show intended to sneak ideological messages past network censors. What were these messages?

One such message was the superiority of the Vulcan race over Earth people, actually intended to symbolize Jewish intellectual superiority over Gentile races.

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Continued Part 2

Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, raised as a Hasidic Jew, has publicly related how much of his Judaist upbringing was channeled by him into the character Spock and the Vulcan culture. His famous split fingered Vulcan salute is derived from Talmudic and Jewish Kabalistic ceremonies. Nimoy has related that he used his Hasidic upbringing to inspire other facets of Vulcan culture and personality as well.

Remember that it was Vulcan culture and society which, in Roddenberry’s universe, supposedly helped the Gentiles overcome their warlike tendencies and become a star faring race. How was this done? Aside from introducing Vulcan technology [Dov Zakheim's? ;-), the Vulcan culture became involved in earth politics, helping transform earth into a one world government where national sovereignty was relinquished to the control of the UN.

Spock’s name cannot have been chosen by coincidence. Benjamin Spock's Childrearing writings had been creating a controversy in the US with their irreligious and socialistic ideas on the raising of children. Nothing less than the very culture of our country was assailed by Benjamin Spock, when he suggested that the reason we were so barbaric and evil a culture was because of how we raised our kids.

In Internationalist terms, though, evil and barbarity are usually associated with the concepts of Christianity and national loyalty, two factors which made America less disposed towards accepting the utopian lies promulgated by the atheistic and anti-nationalist United Nations. Undoubtedly, Dr. Spock’s ideas were meant to be given homage by the naming of Nimoy’s Vulcan character.

This is further brought to light when one considers the deliberate manner in which Spock’s character was given what the actors and writers of the show have themselves called “satanic features”. His pointed ears and arched eyebrows were indeed meant to evoke the idea of Lucifer, the angel of light. Since the Vulcan’s supposedly brought light to mankind, what is the message we are meant to imbibe concerning Spock ? Once again, the idea that the Gentile Christian foundations of western civilization…including the idea of sovereign nations…were a result of darkened understanding, while Luciferian ideals are liberating and enlightening.

Remember the pilot episode, where the Talosians cause Captain Christopher Pike to live the illusion of burning in hell as punishment for his resistance? When asked what had happened to him by his female counterpart, Vena, he said “It was nothing. An old myth from my childhood.” The anti-Christian and anti-biblical foundations of the Star Trek philosophy, at least as conceived by Roddenberry, are clear. Biblical ideas are a myth, humanity is God, or at least some humans.

This is a common message of the Freemasons and Zionists.

The creators of Star Trek knew that millions of children would grow up watching it and that their atheistic and humanistic ideas, including the idea of one world government, would be subconsciously implanted, there to be massaged by corresponding message bombarding our culture from other Jewish/Masonic institutions

Racist Jews have a term for stupid gentiles…that term is goyim. Surely this is what Leonard Nimoy and others must have considered American families to be when American Gentile children began holding up Spock’s Vulcan salute in increasing numbers…the heirs of a Christian country, throwing Talmudic hand signals; as the good noahides that they are did you ever wonder why schoolchildren have a moment of silence every school morning? That would be to meditate on the racist Hasidic Jew Rebbe Schneerson. Did you know that every govenor and every president since Reagan has singed the Rebbe Schneerson education act into law to enhance Noahide law understanding?

It was communion time, where you eat this wafer and are supposed to be eating the body of Christ and drinking his blood. My first impression was, "This is a bunch of cannibals they've put me down among!" -- Gene Roddenberry, The Humanist Mar/Apr 1991

Nimoy further claims that his first sexual experience was at age 8-to 9 years old.

Nimoy's perverted work Shekhina Photography was published in 2005, and another immoral degenerate work in 2008 titled, The Full Body Project (featuring fat large-sized women, some laying across his dining room table). Nimoy's Jewish Rabbi, John Rosove says that nudity, sensuality and lewdness in photography is a good thing and he encouraged Nimoy in his wickedness. I couldn't make this stuff up it is so bizarre. According to Nimoy's Rabbi, John Rosove, “Western culture needs to get over itself” concerning the awfulness, shock and immorality of nudity. Nimoy states in the interview, “I still consider myself a good Jew.” Well, I say kindly that Hell is filled with good Jews and good Muslims and good Roman Catholics. Jesus said that in order to enter into the Kingdom of God, a man MUST BE BORN-AGAIN!!! John 3:3, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Based upon Nimoy's religious belief that God is part female in accordance with the Saint-Simson socialist sect that spanned into masonic offshoots which featured many Jews, Nimoy photographs naked women in lewd, bizarre, and sensual posses, sometimes piling 6 or 7 naked women together in a flesh pile to photograph. That, or Nimoy has a half-dozen obese woman laying next to each other on the floor, like piglets on a farm. It's repulsive to say the least, and highly laughable if it weren't so serious a matter in God's eyes. Clearly, neither Leonard Nimoy nor his Jewish Rabbi see any harm in public nakedness, but the very Torah from the Old Testament which they claim to honor and believe condemns public nudity as a sin. The entire chapter of Leviticus 18 teaches for men and women not to see one another's nakedness, especially between family and close relations. One thing that is clear to me, from researching Leonard Nimoy's filthy sex-film projects, is that neither Nimoy nor his Rabbi have any regard whatsoever of God. There is no fear of God before their eyes (Romans 3:18). 

So the beloved Star Trek television series and scripts were largely conceptualized by Jewish and masonic minds. In addition, Nimoy narrated the Jewish Voice and largely Zionist corporate funded film 'The Miracle of Israel.' It's website states;

More than 300 years ago Louis XIV, the Sun King, asked Blaise Pascal, the noted French philosopher, to give him proof of the supernatural. Pascal replied: “Why, the Jews, your Majesty—the Jews.”

The Vulcan race is to bring 'order' out of the Chaos they caused.