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I think Yuri has some of the best explanations about communist tactics on how to subvert a nation and ideals. With the recent Corona events you might find this interesting.

It's Yuri talking about how communist intelligence groups took care/take care of subverting a nation morally. Personally, a lot of Cubans make use of such tactics too. Back in the early days of the government of Carlos Andres over here, Castro gave something like a shipment as a gift to the new president, but it was carrying several weapons that were used by the already installed communist groups in Caracas that were getting people brainwashed to rebel against the government of Carlos Andres. Despite a lot of innocents being killed in several incidents, Chavez and the communist rebels were defeated, but unfortunately made it to power regardless.

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The thing that I find unsettling about Bezmenov's videos is that he knew it was too late to save the American nation, but not too late for Americans to save themselves.