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Anti-Semitism is a misnomer. Palestinians and Arabs are Semitic.

If you are anti-Semitic, then you are anti-Arabic and Hebrew language.

That's like saying you're anti-English language.

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Wikipedia gives you the basic watered-down history and for the most part erases Sephardic banking, opium/slave trading, war/revolution finance from historical record.

Important reads:

In 'The Judgment Against Imperialism, Fascism and Racism Against Caliphate and Islam' by Khondakar Golam Mowla:

Past Master "Rising Sun" Royal Arch Masonic lodge, Shanghai, D.E. Sassoon:

It is also a curious fact that the The Tsars and the Russian ‘Orthodox’ church helped the 'Atlanticists’ build the first joint stock company (English Muscovy) which was the model for the British opium-trading empire that made Yale founders so filthy rich.

Many prominent politicians today and yesterday descended from slave-traders, for example:

Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2

Baruch's mother's family arrived in the colonies in 1695. His mother's forebear Captain Isaac Rodriguez Marques, an affluent Sephardic Jew, sailed out from Amsterdam with three ships."

So, on the Delano side of the family.

The Kaganovichs or Kagans came from Khazarian Jewish origin, like 9/11 and Iraq war perp and neo-Trotskyite Robert Kagan, married to Victoria Nuland.

I imagine the Kagans believe 1 trillion US taxpayer dollars and 2400 US lives lost is a small price to pay to pave a new ‘silk’ opium road through Afghanistan and resurrect the Khazar Khaganate in Ukraine.

But that's just crazy talk... right?

Read, for example:

Religions of the Silk Road: Premodern Patterns of Globalization by R. Foltz

Brookings Institute says Afghanistan opium production has hit new heights and should not be reduced.

Opium production has hit new heights in Afghanistan, writes ‪@VFelbabBrown‬. But she explains that eradication of the poppy crops would be the wrong reaction. ‪‬

‪Or the Judaic, pro-War Brookings Institute writing:‬

There may be a straightforward way to get gun manufacturers to support greater restrictions...

...i.e, mostly BoD Zionists advocating making it so expensive to buy a firearm that it would only be an available tool for the wealthy. Good game plan, screw the poor, they don’t need to defend themselves. That's the exact origins of gun control in America, keeping guns out of the hands of certain groups (like freed slaves). Think about that!

Maurice Pinay wrote;

King Kagan of Khazaria does want young Americans to wield assault weapons, but only to kill ‘Israel’s’ enemies in their own homes, and to assure that the opium flows liberally down the ‘silk’ road, not to protect themselves, their families and their land.

Judeomasonic chaos in the Middle East is a boon for the opium trade, a traditional source of old Judeomasonic wealth. To deny this is denying history.

The Sasoon's business plan was to hook ‘goyim’ on the opium subscription plan and using the British military to enforce it; kind of like what the Sacklers did. Have any of them seen a jail cell?