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Think of the tens of thousands of fervent Zionists here in the US today. The neocons, who were former trotskyite communists, Trotsky the creator of the terrible Cheka; B'nai B'rith, The Jewish Defense League which has a history of terrorist attacks, etc, all are Zionists with an alien status, if I'm allowed to say that. Okay, now take into account that there were many Jewish commissariats that created the Gulag system; Germany almost fell to communism and just next door 8 million died from a manufactured famine.

That said, 125000 to 150000 Jews fought for the Reich, which is quite an odd circumstance considering the mainstream narrative is the story of Hitler and his "Final Solution." A mere 20,000 Jews were transfered under the Haavara program, half of their wealth taken from them, the rest left in tact. It appears Hitler worked with Zionists for awhile to end the boycott but in his black book he had dozens and dozens of Zionists that he ordered the Gestapo to arrest.

For example, the Book 'Before Hitler Came' explains that Hitler was a Zionist who left B'nai B'rith lodges open and was largely funded by the money power. This is mostly disinfo, other than that for awhile B'nai B'rith was left to operate under close watch because they were a Zionist organization and would help to end the Boycott. However by 1939, the Gestapo closed down all the lodges and arrested its leaders. In fact, Hitler's "BANKER" Schacht, a Freemason, who he coincidently? fired in 1939 was percisely when war would be waged. Schacht had worked with Hitler to revitalize the German economy but Hitler would eventually despise him and learn that he was feeding secrets to the British. He ended up in Dachu and Hitler worked to nationalize all banks in Germany. From that point forward the whole of international finance was against him.

It was Schacht's idea, as he writes in his book, that Jews be transfered under the Haavara agreement. He curiously writes that all was going swell until Hitler decided to just stop the transfer and according to schacht, he doesn't know why. I'm sure he knows why, and I'm positive it has something to do with Hitler throwing Schacht in Dachu.

That being said, the Nazis fought by the side of the Arab resistance in Palestine. I'm not sure why the Zionists don't bring this up more often in their propaganda.

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Can you link to an English version of "Before Hitler Came"?

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I thought you read it? I have the google translated version and it is quite hard to discipher.