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Perhaps on a personal level this could be turned around to our benefit. When someone we know brings up a government sanctioned meme, like the ChinaVirus, we could say "Oh that government conspiracy!" Then relate the story of the mass vaccinations during the Ford administration in 1976. If we laugh off the government's lies often enough, with a "tut tut" attitude then perhaps people may begin to question them.

*That is the year President Gerald R. Ford announced a crash program to ”inoculate every man, woman and child in the United States” against swine flu. But the virus never became a killer, and vaccinations were halted two months after they began after reports that 500 people who received the shot developed a paralyzing nerve disease and more than 30 of them died.*   "This virus will kill 1 million Americans," declared the U.S. in 1976. The panic then has a lot to teach us today.

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we could say "Oh that government conspiracy!"

You could. But why would you want to? Simply sharing the relevant story seems like a much better idea.

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Have you ever shared relevant stories with average people, stories that go against the media propaganda they have been indoctrinated with? personally I just tell people nothing now. They are lemmings heading for a cliff, let them go over in the comfort of their false securities. Telling the truth in this day and age is pointless, and dangerous.