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It's almost like Trump is as corrupt as the rest of them.

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Since the Donald is the one in charge we should know how he is related to the other US oligarchs in his background.

In 2004, Donald Trump accepted a lot of money from George.

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Don't tell Alex Jones... it'll ruin his whole show.

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They're all in cahoots or else they're ignored by the media and shut out of the primaries process. Trump is just the PR puppet figurehead they needed, to absorb all the blame for what the deep state is doing the government.

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I think the faction of the jesuits that controls Trump (basically something like a right wing group) is the same one that controls Putin. When you think about it that way, the US and Russia alliance makes a lot of sense and they delayed WWIII because they are seeking different interests when it comes to the fightings in the middle east.

This is just theory thought, I would have to research in under to proof myself.