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There has never been a case of demon posession by someone who wasn't a christian.

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It is. I dabbled with it. Got attacked by entities. Turns out I'm not the only one.

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Check out my work on the subject of people hearing voices committing disturbing violent crimes.

Also, the case of devani/samantha osteras in arizona looks to be of the same variety.

I am never visiting your tanster site, ever.

A wise man has said, 'be careful if you look to see angels, because if once you can see angels, you'll be able to see demons too.'

I add to this, 'the most difficult thing in the world is being able to verify the true identity of another being.'

I have had best friends and girlfriends who were agents of the state, deep fbi agents that went on road trips and meditation retreats with me. It took me a long time, years, to notice that they weren't who they said they were.

Now you are going to have some kind of seance or trip and then meditate with some voice you hear, and you are going to be able to tell what they are? yeah right.

I have some experience with this and the most I will say here is that the tesla stuff about 'understanding the universe in terms of frequency, light and vibration' is the best advice you will get.

paul simon also chimes in, 'you can't walk with the holy if you're just a halfway decent man'

another insight i just picked up on the internet from some jedi religion website, 'most people think they act in the grey-white moral range, but they actually act in the grey-black moral range.' which is to say, you are probably not as good of a person as you think you are.

so now you take whatever pills/substance and get into some deep trance meditative state where you are open to spiritual things and you think you are just going to dial up the number of the good guys automatically?

that's now how any of this works.

test everything. absolutely trust nothing except your family, if they have proven themselves worthy of it. you have to know someone ten years to really know what they are about. you have to be homeless and see if they will let you stay with them, you have to live with them as a poor person to see if they will treat you like a slave, for example.

everyone and everything will want to be your friend when you have money and can take them on fun trips, when you have stories to tell of important industry. even(especially) really bad people/things.

i knock on wood when i say something really confident. I would never play with a ouja board, i don't think it is possible to play with one.

get sam harris and richard dawkins to play with a ouja board, we'll see how long they last.

don't play with fire, don't play with guns, don't play with entities.

make alliances slowly, but if something reveals itself to not be on your side, break it off immediately and no need for explanations.

satanism or anything along the lines of 'do whatever you want just don't hurt anybody' is going to be the demons though.

and what the demons want the most, in my opinion, is that you ruin lives and make people miserable. The most efficient way to do this is to harm children.

so if you want to find the cults worshiping demons and controlled by them, all you have to do is find the child abusers and child traffickers.

All of these people will think they are talking with angels and they are worshiping some deity that will care for them, when they are just slaves in their mansions who are in hook line and sinker.

in my opinion, this is the nature of the struggle on earth in our time. If you dive into this stuff without a firm understanding, you are basically food for the bad guys.

This is the result of every country on earth banning pyschedelic practices and shamanism, like a country that bans spelunking or mountain climbing and is beset by people getting lost in caves and mountain ranges.

Consider my work,

You have been warned.