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Here at Saidit we don't believe court sketches. Who is to say Assange is a CIA asset, like Snowdon was, shilling for state department and DoD backed encrypted apps.

In psychological operations and hoaxes these kangaroo court or theatriacal court sketches are a laugh in a half.

Cass Sunstein is a trotskyist jew who was an influential figure in the Obama administration. It was he who made cognitive infiltration an official government policy. The essence of this modus operandi is that government agent provocateurs should infiltrate social networks, online groups and real live groups built around “conspiracy theories”.

In February 2007, under the title “Brave new Wikiworld”, Sunstein penned an article in the zionist propaganda outlet Washington Post, warning the world of the dangerous new Wikileaks, a place where “anyone could edit” and was likely run by Chinese hackers. This, of course, worked like catnip on many political dissidents who were tired of endless wars and government corruption, and an obscure anemic looking Aussie was now becoming a household name.

Cass Sunstein had officially and successfully lounged Julian Assange’s career as an anti-establishment hacker and a free speech advocate. This little article made a big splash and rumors spread like ripples on the internet and cemented his reputation as a legit anti-war and free speech activist.

Assange, who later on hired Alan Dershowitz to handle his legal defence, has to this day never leaked anything that has lead to any concrete changes, nor has Wikispooks ever leaked anything about Israel’s and the jewish diaspora’s roll in 9/11.

Assange" endorsed ‪@DFRLab‬ and the‪ AtlanticCouncil‬, known for demonizing Syria, DPRK, and Iran?

Note: "Assange" lended credence to Jared Kushner o his twitter.

And shortly after Israel thanks "Assange" for his service.

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Kim DOTCOM have one thing in common: We want you to believe 9/11 was an intel failure.


grandfather at Pentagon

broke both legs


computer whiz

CIA asset

NSA asset

whistleblowers should be shot in the balls!!

Totally legit.

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is it really him... or is it a cia glow monkey costumed to look like him?!...

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At this point I think the entire narrative is fictional, until I see proof.

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He for sure works for the military, it's justa ruse so you don;t realize the human trafficing and slavery that makes you exist as you do.

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Assange has always been a deepfake, they wanted you to know about him. Even if you think you get versatille meida, it's covered.