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Seems like youtube resisted long but can't resist anymore, they too seem to be falling to censorship.

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With funders like these or this guy, or being linked to this woman who is a member of this organization - a pattern of right-wing conspiracy appears, as easily as it did when you investigated things like the CFR and Bilderberg.

They control the right - and its mouthpieces, as much as the left.

Project Veritas is a part of that machinery (just like the majority of people being censored... seemingly all agents connected to the Council for National Policy one way or another).

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Yep, you're right, it's easier when both "opposing" sides are controlled, which they are. This story boils down to abortion as well, which is just a divisional topic as it is. There are always going to be those who are for and against abortion and it's an easy topic to get people to argue with each other about. Still, everyone should have the right to express their opinion either way. I believe censorship, whether exposed by controlled opposition or not, is worth noting as it degrades our ability to communicate with each other and at the very least understand each other.

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Yeah, that's the interesting thing.

Sometimes the left exposes corruption we need to fix in the conservative values - same with the right exposing degenerate values of the left.

I'm with you 100%.

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I am still dumbfounded how the Project Veritas videos from 2016 didn't have more an effect. High level DNC leaders admitting on camera that they bus in people for rallies to give the appearance of popularity. I thought people just ignored what was a huge bombshell. Kind of like the Panama Papers. There was a lot of noise, then it all stopped and nothing happened as if no one cared in the first place. It still bothers me how that went down. And I know they made that stupid Acorn video where he dressed up like a pimp, but you can't fake prominent DNC people admitting things on camera... (well at least not for now)