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Yes, if you define "social media" as "facebook", which everyone with a bit of sense knows to avoid as of at least 5 years ago because it's corporate as hell and literally sells your data to everyone.

Some people need to seriously get with the program. Anyone still using facebook and twitter is a bit behind the times.

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I absolutely despise facebook but is there really a facebook alternative out there? Linked in is too career focused. Where else do you create a home base? Why is it so hard for capitalist to just create a facebook clone that charges a dollar a month or something and doesn't sell data? I'd think it would be really profitable.

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Mastodon and the fediverse is what you are looking for. (But it's free)

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I completely ignore it except for speaking to distant friends. I might post something to my feed every month or so. From all the articles I've seen about how bad Facebook is for privacy & mental health that can only be a good thing.