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Are you asking if they do? If so, they do, yeah. Certain key words and phrases and certain accounts are automatically removed, and I think it's safe to assume that certain channels get manual reviews and special cleaning treatment.

I also understand that some channels let you comment, but all the comments require reviewing before they appear - meaning you can say something, but it won't appear until the creator clears the comment, so if you're posting and then refreshing, that might be why your comment isn't appearing.

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I just wonder if there is a protocol in order to make certain comments to just not show up to other people without actually removing it for the person who posted it. Like if your account would be shadow flagged, you then could comment all you want but it really wouldn't be seen.

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I know I've seen my own comments appear in my comments section, then not appear on posts due to any of the above factors. My account wasn't shadow banned, but I posted a link to another video several times and I think it detected me as spam.

You obviously have a specific comment in mind. If you want to link the video I can tell you if I can find it.

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Not really a particular comment just saying stuff that other people should see and at the very least give a thumbs up but doesn't get anything.

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Yes, they do, do not forget that it is jewtube, so corrupted lying is their game.

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For me it's a dice roll if I show up at all. It could always be just jeet coding as well. Don't attribute malice to something done by subhumans.

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